About the plant

About Hydraulic Cylinder Factory

The Hydraulic Cylinder Plant is the most modern enterprise equipped with robotic production lines, with extensive experience in solving problems of any complexity! They have established themselves as a quality manufacturer of hydraulic cylinders and a reliable partner!

Our impeccable reputation is the result of many years and hard work of the team on the quality and reliability of hydraulic cylinders!

The plant has its own complete production and technological cycle, which currently employs about 150 people.

To meet the growing demand for our quality products, we are constantly increasing production capacity, without stopping to improve technology and management system. This allows us to produce a wide range of both serial hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic cylinders for individual orders.

Hydraulic cylinders of our production are supplied both in Ukraine and abroad. At the moment we are fruitfully cooperating with customers from Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia, Moldova, Tajikistan, Egypt, Vietnam.

Our priorities:

Highest quality hydraulic cylinders!
Honesty and openness with our clients
Strict compliance with all contractual obligations
Individual approach
Long-term cooperation


We are always ready to advise you on any questions by phone (097) 928-91-69 or by mail zakazgidro@gmail.com or place an order on the website and we will call you back for clarification.