Hydraulic cylinders: repair

News 26.02.2012

This year, our plant opened a section for the overhaul of hydraulic cylinders. Repair of hydraulic cylinders is a demanded service in the Ukrainian market, therefore, after analyzing our capabilities, it was decided to open such a section at our enterprise. The main difference between our section for the repair of hydraulic cylinders service is factory quality and a guarantee for Our team is staffed with the best hydraulics specialists and is able to solve the most difficult problems in this area. We can also add that ONLY our factory has a real hydraulic test bench for piston and telescopic hydraulic cylinders, and this is what guarantees that the hydraulic cylinder will be tested for various loads before being sent to customers.

In addition to the overhaul of hydraulic cylinders, we can also offer the exchange of your non-working hydraulic cylinder for a new hydraulic cylinder with your surcharge.

In addition to the above advantages, our plant is the ONLY enterprise in Ukraine for the serial production of telescopic hydraulic cylinders KAMAZ, ZIL, GAZ, MAZ, SAZ and analogues HYVA.PENTA.BINOTTO.

We are ready to repair any hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders!