Hydraulic cylinders GAZ and ZIL in Ukraine

News 26.02.2007

The production of hydraulic cylinders requires a constant increase in the number of manufactured items and types, since hydraulic cylinders have a huge number of different types and sizes.

This year we launched the production of hydraulic cylinders for dump trucks of the GAZ and ZIL families. GAZ hydraulic cylinders will be produced in two types: 3-rod and 4-rod. ZIL 4-rod hydraulic cylinder with an oil supply in the lower cover.

Today it is these hydraulic cylinders that are in demand on the auto parts market, and our analytics showed that our company will be the only manufacturer of hydraulic cylinders in Ukraine with a GAZ hydraulic cylinder and a ZIL hydraulic cylinder in its product line.

These cylinders will cover yet another segment of our growing customer base.

The first batch of telescopic hydraulic cylinders GAZ and ZIL have successfully passed all tests on a hydraulic bench under a pressure of 250 MPa, at which pressure any errors in the operation of the hydraulic cylinder are detected.

Every hydraulic cylinder is tested without exception, so we are confident in our products.

Telescopic cylinders are warranted for 12 months from the date of sale.