Hydraulic cylinders in Ukraine

The production of hydraulic cylinders was founded in 2003.

On its own production base, our plant has begun the serial production of piston hydraulic cylinders for various agricultural machinery.

At the initial stage, the production of hydraulic cylinders was started with a machine park in the amount of 30 pieces, namely, lathes, milling machines, drilling machines and other special equipment that allows to establish high-quality and uninterrupted production of hydraulic cylinders.

A special place in the production of hydraulic cylinders is occupied by a hydraulic test bench for finished hydraulic cylinders. The stand, developed by our designers and hydraulics, has the ability to subject the hydraulic cylinders to various types of loads in order to maximally exclude leakage on the hydraulic cylinders installed on the equipment.

The staff of the plant was selected according to the criteria of having a great experience and professional skills in production. Within two months, about 50 people of various professions were hired on the staff. The production of hydraulic cylinders obliges to constantly improve the knowledge and technical skills of employees, for this purpose, training courses are regularly held.

The quality of manufactured products corresponds to imported samples in all respects!