Hydraulic cylinder for lifting the body of KAMAZ 55102-8603010 of old and new design

We are launching into production a hydraulic cylinder for lifting the body KAMAZ 55102-8603010 of the old and new model.

The hydraulic cylinder KAMAZ 55102 3-rod, popularly referred to as the “collective farmer”, is one of the most common types of hydraulic cylinders for lifting the body with side unloading, therefore, first of all, we started the production of it. They exist in two versions and differ from each other only the length of the side mounts that fit into the seats on the frame of the KAMAZ vehicle.
The production of KAMAZ hydraulic cylinders is another important stage in the development of our production. In the future, in the next 2-3 years, we plan to launch the production of all types of hydraulic cylinders for lifting the body of KAMAZ dump trucks, as we strive to fully meet the needs of our customers in hydraulic cylinders.
Before sending hydraulic cylinders to our customers, we test every hydraulic cylinder without exception, therefore we are absolutely confident in the quality and reliability of our hydraulic cylinders.
All hydraulic cylinders manufactured in our factory are covered by a 12 month warranty.
Ready to send our hydraulic cylinders anywhere in the world !!