Hydraulic cylinder ZIL 5-rod

At the request of our regular customers, we have launched the production of 5-rod ZIL hydraulic cylinders.

We produce a 5-rod ZIL hydraulic cylinder in two versions, with different types of attachment to the vehicle frame, namely a 5-rod ZIL hydraulic cylinder with platforms and a 5-rod ZIL hydraulic cylinder with yokes. These hydraulic cylinders are very advantageous for installation on various types cars, since the center-to-center distance is very small with a large output of hydraulic cylinders.

The 5-rod ZIL hydraulic cylinder has been successfully tested on a hydraulic stand under various types of loads. According to the calculations of our design department, we will position the ZIL 5-rod hydraulic cylinder as a hydraulic cylinder with a lifting capacity of 12 tons.

Before sending hydraulic cylinders to our customers, we test every hydraulic cylinder without exception, therefore we are absolutely confident in the quality and reliability of our hydraulic cylinders.

All hydraulic cylinders manufactured in our factory are covered by a 12 month warranty.

Ready to send our hydraulic cylinders anywhere in the world !!