Hydraulic cylinder 2PTS-4 and hydraulic cylinder 1PTS-9

Production of 2PTS-4 hydraulic cylinder and 1PTS-9 hydraulic cylinder was started.

Hydraulic cylinder 2pts-4 is a single-acting 3-rod telescopic hydraulic cylinder for lifting the body of a tractor trailer, with a carrying capacity of 6-7 tons.

Hydraulic cylinder 1PTS-9 is a single-acting 2-rod telescopic hydraulic cylinder for lifting the body of tractor trailers aggregated with tractors K-700 and T-150.

The production of these telescopic hydraulic cylinders is the next stage in the development of the technical capabilities of our company.

For the production of hydraulic cylinders, imported pipes and rods and seals of the highest quality are used.

The first batch of telescopic hydraulic cylinders has successfully passed all tests on a hydraulic bench under a pressure of 250 MPa, which can detect any errors in the operation of the hydraulic cylinder.

Every hydraulic cylinder is tested without exception, so we are confident in our products.

Telescopic cylinders are warranted for 12 months from the date of sale.