Hydraulic cylinder ZIL 5-rod with yokes

Price: 7500 UAH

Hydraulic cylinder ZIL 5-rod with yokes

Nominal pressure 10 MPa
Maximum pressure 16 MPa
First stage stroke 225 mm
Second stage travel 211 mm
Third stage stroke 224 mm
Fourth stage travel 202 mm
Fifth stage travel 208 mm
Total stroke 1100 mm
Center distance 420 mm
Loading capacity 10 tons

The ZIL 5-rod hydraulic cylinder is installed on ZIL, KAMAZ and other dump trucks.
The ZIL hydraulic cylinder can be called a universal hydraulic cylinder, since by its parameters it is suitable for installation on various equipment.
Hydraulic cylinder ZIL-130, Hydraulic cylinder ZIL-131
Hydraulic cylinder for lifting the body ZIL

Download the drawing to view the dimensions.

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