Hydraulic cylinder ZIL 4-rod (shortened)

Price: 8000 UAH

Hydraulic cylinder ZIL 4-rod (shortened)

Nominal pressure 125 kgf / cm
Maximum pressure 140 kgf / cm
First stage stroke 223 ± 1.5 mm
Second stage stroke 224 ± 1.5 mm
Third stage stroke 222 ± 1.5 mm
Fourth stage stroke 223 ± 1.5 mm
Total stroke 892 mm
Carrying capacity up to 12 tons

It differs from the usual ZIL hydraulic cylinder in a more reinforced design, namely double cuffs and guides, hardened stem, which allows this hydraulic cylinder to withstand increased loads.

The 4-rod ZIL body lift hydraulic cylinder is designed for ZIL 130, ZIL-131 vehicles, as well as KAMAZ three-way unloading vehicles and trailers and other automotive and special equipment.
Download the drawing to view the dimensions.

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