Hydraulic cylinder GAZ 4-rod (GC 3507-01-8603010)

Price: 4800 UAH

Hydraulic cylinder GAZ 4-rod (GC 3507-01-8603010)

Nominal pressure 100 kgf / cm
Maximum pressure 160 kgf / cm
First stage travel 189 mm
Second stage travel 192 mm
Third stage travel 197 mm
Fourth stage travel 208 mm
Total stroke 786 mm
Center-to-center distance 400 mm

12 months warranty.

Designation: GTsT 1-4-16-786, GTs 3507-01-8603010

The GAZ 3-rod hydraulic cylinder is installed on GAZ-53, GAZ-3307, GAZ-3507 vehicles. Hydraulic cylinder GAZ-53. Hydraulic cylinder for lifting the body GAZ-53

Download the drawing to view the dimensions.

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