Hydraulic cylinders for loaders

High-quality hydraulic equipment is an integral part of ensuring the normal functioning of modern loaders. It is very important to purchase a reliable hydraulic cylinder for the loader from a trusted manufacturer. We produce them according to all standards of reliability and quality, which guarantees long – term operation without problems.

High-quality hydraulic cylinder for the loader and its features

Loaders are considered a common type of special equipment, with which you can grab, move a variety of loads. The functionality is expanded with the help of special equipment. An important component of the system, on which the productivity of operation depends, is the hydraulic cylinder. It transfers the force from the liquid medium, which is pre-compressed, to the working parts of the device. Accordingly, it is possible to set them in motion, to provide optimal working conditions.

In order for the hydraulic cylinder of the loader to adequately perform all its functions, it is important to purchase it in a proven place. Periodically, this component needs to be replaced due to violations of the rules of use. Among the main causes of breakdowns can be noted overloading of equipment, untimely replacement of seal rings, natural wear, contamination from the inside, etc. In any of the above cases, it is necessary to make a replacement, having previously selected high-quality equipment.

With the help of a special cylinder, it is possible to facilitate the operation of the loader and expand its functionality. During the selection process, you need to take into account some important parameters, including:

  • Production material.
  • Sizes.
  • Maximum piston stroke.
  • Load capacity, etc.

Our qualified managers will help you choose the best option for your specific needs.

To buy a hydraulic cylinder on kun

To purchase it at a fair price, get a quality guarantee from the manufacturer, adequate prices and many other advantages, it is advisable to contact a reliable company. We offer our customers only high-quality products that are certified according to all standards. To order, you can make a cylinder with specific parameters. The official warranty for it is one year.

To buy a hydraulic cylinder kun the price of which can pleasantly surprise, you need to contact us. To select it, you need to know the basic parameters. If there are problems, you can always solve them with the help of competent employees. Experience combined with knowledge ensures that all customer needs are met. There are discounts for regular customers.

Production of hydraulic cylinders for loaders!

The section presents hydraulic cylinders for front loaders and stogomets: PKU-0.8, SNU-550, KUN, PF-1A, PF-1B, P-0.8 B is aggregated with such tractors ka MTZ, YUMZ and others.

All piston hydraulic cylinders are thoroughly tested and tested for various types of loads on the hydraulic test bench, which allows us to be sure that we sell you only high-quality products!

Production of any hydraulic cylinders to order according to your size!

12 months warranty.

Delivery all over Ukraine!

Minimum order 1 piece.

Ordering hydraulic cylinders by phone (097) 928-91-69

A system of discounts is provided for regular and wholesale buyers!

To select or order, you need to know the following parameters of the hydraulic cylinder:

1. Inner diameter of the liner (body) of the hydraulic cylinder – D

2. Rod diameter – d

3. Working stroke of the hydraulic cylinder piston – S

4. Center distance when folded.

Using this hydraulic cylinder as an example, it is possible to decipher the catalog number HZ 125.50.400.797

The first number is the diameter of the sleeve – 125mm,
Second digit – Rod diameter – 50mm,
Third digit – Piston stroke – 400mm,
The fourth digit – Center distance when folded – 797mm,

We produce hydraulic cylinders of any complexity!

Call us and we will evaluate any hydraulic cylinder according to your size and wishes!