Hydraulic cylinders for mining equipment

Production of hydraulic cylinders for mining equipment!

Our company has experience in the production of hydraulic cylinders for the mining industry.

The products manufactured by our plant are successfully operated on mining equipment and show a high level of accuracy and reliability.

We manufacture hydraulic cylinders for such equipment as:

roadheader KSP, 1GKPS, KPYU, KPD, KPU

combine for the extraction of ores KDR

drilling machine MPNB, MPL, MPKZB

bucket loading machine MPK

mechanized roof supports КД, МТ

We have also mastered the production of all kinds of hydraulic jacks and hydraulic props for mines.

All hydraulic cylinders are thoroughly checked and tested for various types of load on a hydraulic test bench, in compliance with all GOSTs and requirements for hydraulic equipment, which allows us to be sure that we are selling you only high-quality products!

Production of any hydraulic cylinders to order according to your sizes!

12 months warranty.

Delivery all over Ukraine!

Ordering hydraulic cylinders by phone (097) 928-91-69

Production of hydraulic cylinders of any complexity!

Our company has been engaged in the production of products for the mining industry for a long time, in particular, hydraulic cylinders.

The products that are produced by the hydraulic cylinder plant are operated successfully and have shown their excellent technical characteristics on devices, equipment, special machines. The execution of the part deserves attention, because it is accurate, reliable, and modern.

At the same time, the hydraulic cylinder of mine equipment at a competitive, affordable price is available for different equipment:

  • tunneling combines;
  • combine harvesters for ore mining;
  • bucket loading machines, drilling loading machines;
  • supports of the mechanized type, etc.

The specialists of the plant have also mastered such activities as the production of hydraulic cards, hydraulic racks for various types of mines.

Buy hydraulic cylinder of mine equipment from a popular factory

Hydraulic cylinders are delivered from the company only after a thorough and thorough inspection, testing measures as loads. These manipulations are carried out on the stand (hydraulic, test, control).

You can guarantee products that fully comply with the requirements, norms and standards according to GOST. The specialists of the plant are confident in the quality characteristics of their products and boldly recommend them for your business.

Hydraulic cylinder for mining equipment to buy: high-quality, decent, modern

You can buy ready-made versions of hydraulic cylinders from our company, as well as order individual versions for specific size grids. Specialists of the company give a guarantee for each product — 12 months. During this period of testing, the element passes all sorts of tests in practice, which makes it possible to make sure that the customer made the right choice in favor of equipment that will not fail at the most crucial moment.

However, no matter how good the product is, its wear and tear is inevitable during operation. Therefore, the repair of hydraulic cylinders of mining equipment is an integral stage in the business.

We will deliver hydraulic cylinders to you all over Ukraine.