Hydraulic cylinders GAZ SAZ

For cars of the GAZ, GAZ-SAZ family, you can buy high-quality hydraulic cylinders if you contact us. Our company has extensive experience, high-quality technical base, which allows us to guarantee the perfect reliability of each individual product. To choose the best cylinder for a specific vehicle model, it is advisable to contact us. Our consultants will help you choose the necessary technical characteristics, which will affect the subsequent operation in the best way.

Production repair of the hydraulic cylinder Gaz from professionals

Our company offers a good range of appropriate equipment for GAZ dump trucks, which are actively used at various facilities. With the help of the cylinder, a full-fledged lift is provided, reliable operation in any, even the most severe conditions. In the manufacture, we use only the best parts from well-known European manufacturers. They are carefully checked before starting work. Modern equipment can be called another component of success.

A cylinder of Gas to buy

High-quality hydraulic cylinder Gaz buy from us will not be difficult at fair prices. During the selection, it is necessary to take into account such nuances as the model of equipment, overall dimensions, piston stroke, maximum load capacity. This will allow you to choose the optimal characteristics for long-lasting and comfortable operation. Repair is our service that allows you to put the equipment in order, if there is an appropriate opportunity. To carry out repair work, we have a high-quality technical base and qualified professionals who are ready to perform work of almost any level of complexity.

Buy hydraulic cylinder Gaz Saz in Ukraine

If there is a need to purchase a GAZ 53 hydraulic cylinder or models for other equipment from the GAZ-SAZ family, you need to contact a trusted place. Our company has been engaged in the production of such equipment for a long time to form a positive reputation in this field. Therefore, you can count on impeccable quality and many other advantages. Among the key reasons why you should order cylinders for this equipment from us, you can note:

  • Delivery throughout Ukraine is one of the most convenient ways.
  • Professional advice from competent managers.
  • A profitable system of discounts for regular, wholesale customers.
  • Official quality guarantee, which is 12 months.

Thanks to all this, it will be very easy to purchase a Saz hydraulic cylinder with a set of necessary technical characteristics.

Production of hydraulic cylinders for GAZ dump trucks!

Hydraulic body lifting cylinders for GAZ vehicles, 3- and 4-rod, are installed on dump trucks of the GAZ, GAZ-SAZ family.

All GAZ hydraulic cylinders are tested for various types of load on a hydraulic test bench, which allows us to be sure that our customers receive only quality products!

12 months warranty.

Delivery all over Ukraine!

Minimum order 1 piece.

Order by phone (097) 928-91-69

A system of discounts is provided for regular and wholesale buyers!


We make high-quality overhaul of GAZ hydraulic cylinders!

consultation and preliminary estimate of the cost of repairs by phone. (097) 928 91 69