Hydraulic cylinders of bulldozers

Production of hydraulic cylinders for bulldozers!

This section presents hydraulic cylinders for bulldozer equipment such as D-606, DZ-42, DZ-162, B-170, T-170, B-10. B-100 and any hydraulic cylinders for bulldozers based on DT-75, T tractors -150, K-701,702,744.

All piston cylinders are thoroughly tested and tested for various types of load on a hydraulic test bench, which allows us to be sure that we only sell quality products to you!




Production of any hydraulic cylinders to order according to your size!

12 months warranty.

Delivery all over Ukraine!

Minimum order 1 piece.

Ordering hydraulic cylinders by phone (097) 928-91-69

A system of discounts is provided for regular and wholesale buyers!

To select or order, you need to know the following parameters of the hydraulic cylinder:

1. Inner diameter of the liner (body) of the hydraulic cylinder – D

2. Rod diameter – d

3. Working stroke of the hydraulic cylinder piston – S

4. Center distance when folded.

Using this hydraulic cylinder as an example, it is possible to decipher the catalog number HZ 125.50.400.797

First digit – Sleeve inner diameter – 125mm,
Second digit – Rod diameter – 50mm,
Third digit – Piston stroke – 400mm,
The fourth digit – Center distance when folded – 797mm

We produce hydraulic cylinders of any complexity!