Hydraulic cylinders for mobile crane equipment

In this section of the site, everyone can find hydraulic cylinders for truck cranes, which are made by our factory to order according to your individual sizes. Products are selected for the equipment of the brands “Ivanovets”, “Galichanin”, “Klintsy”, “Masheka” and other popular brands in this area. At the same time, we also work with components for imported truck cranes.

Hydraulic cylinder for crane from plant № 1

Our products can rightly be called the best, as they are made from high-quality raw materials on modern equipment by professional craftsmen with extensive experience in this area.

To buy a hydraulic cylinder of a truck crane from us is to purchase a product that has passed tests and inspections in full. We guarantee you unsurpassed quality of components, as well as their excellent technical characteristics, long-term operation.

We are engaged in the production of hydraulic cylinders according to your measurements and provide a warranty for each product from 12 months.

Are you thinking about the delivery of components? Not worth it! And we decided this for our customers — we work all over Ukraine and will deliver the goods to you in the shortest possible time.

Repair of hydraulic cylinders of the truck crane

In particular, our plant is engaged in restoring the performance of products of this range. We understand that sometimes buying new components for equipment is an expensive task and not always feasible, because breakdowns occur, as a rule, at the most inopportune moment. Therefore, we are also working in this direction.

With us, each customer can order products from one piece by calling the company's phone line (097) 928-91-69.

ATTENTION: for regular and wholesale customers, we have a system of discounts, promotions and favorable offers, which allows you to organize a long-term cooperation.

Keep in mind that when ordering, you need to have the information:

  • internal diameter of the hydraulic cylinder liner;
  • stem diameter;
  • working stroke of the piston;
  • center distance in the folded format.

This is the catalog number that our craftsmen need for production.

Specialists can handle any order volume. However, as well as the complexity of the project does not matter much: knowledge and experience help to work even on the most complex orders. To buy a hydraulic cylinder of the crane from our company is a good solution that will be available to you at a price and will not disappoint in quality.

The hydraulic cylinder plant is ready to cooperate with both legal entities and individuals on a short-term program or on the basis of a long-term business project.