Hydraulic cylinders for motor graders

This section of the portal is dedicated to the hydraulic cylinders of the motor grader, which have been successfully produced at our plant for many years. The capacity of our own production is such that we are expanding the scope of our activities every year. And now we offer the customer base products for DZ-98, DZ-122, DZ-143, DZ-180, GS-14.02. However, for individual orders, we can perform components of any complexity, size, measurement.

At the same time, we successfully and professionally work with both domestic and imported parts.

We guarantee each customer an unsurpassed quality of the product, as before delivery to the customer, the component is thoroughly tested on a specialized test bench. We bring to perfection any detail, controlling its high-quality technical characteristics. Hydraulic measures allow you to make sure that the element is perfectly suitable for your machinery, equipment.

Hydraulic cylinders for motor graders: high-quality, professional, reliable

Our specialists have been working in this direction for many years, offering products that do not disappoint. Do you need accessories for special sizes? No question! We produce hydraulic cylinders of motor graders on an individual basis for your business, the solution of a specific task.

We guarantee the functionality of the components and therefore provide a guarantee for each product for up to 12 months. If you have any questions about the delivery of products, then it also makes no sense to worry about it — we work all over Ukraine and organize competent and reliable logistics.

Buy hydraulic cylinder of motor grader at factory №1

Cooperation with us is as convenient as possible, both for an individual customer and a legal entity that needs a ready-made volume of products. We work with orders from 1 pc. You can contact us to make an application by calling (097) 928-91-69. We value every customer and provide a system of discounts for wholesale regular customers, which will be profitable and pleasant for anyone who applies.

The order is made taking into account the presence of certain information about the customer.:

  • inner diameter of the sleeve;
  • stem diameter;
  • working stroke of the piston;
  • the distance between the axes in the folded format.

The catalog code is important for making the perfect part. The price of the hydraulic cylinder of the motor grader will pleasantly surprise you, because we have minimal margins.

Cylinders of any complexity, size range, volume for our customers! Call the above number to place an order or consult.